Why Vandalism Literary & Arts Journal


[*] Curated from the work of a diverse realm of international writers and artists, the Why Vandalism? Literary & Arts Journal is a rolling, and now once again active, classic online electronic literary zine. What you may expect in future days to pass... Our format is loose, but will be apparent and reveal itself in the course of the year. SIDE ONE: Imaginative fiction --- poetics and prose related speculative, fantasy, horror and science-fiction over loosely formed horizons: earth-like and natural to alien. SIDE TWO: Experimental, Human, Experiential, Spiritual, Chimeric, Perceptual.


All works submitted and published are granted archiving permission on the Why Vandalism? journal and are provided free, for the sake of art, expression, and dialogue minus commercial interests.


[*] Works will be selected and published typically by theme or complementary compilation centered on an aesthetic for issue or rolling period.

[*] Why Vandalism? is run by volunteers and should be considered a rotating editorship, therefore we do not bother to disclose personalities or pay or receive on a monetary level. All submissions should also be voluntary and for the sake of Art.

[*] Works submitted should be exclusive and not submitted simultaneously to other journals or publishers for 30 days, which is the amount of time of our general selection process, AND if published, we would ask you not to submit any of these Why Vandalism?-published works to other online journals. Authors may of course use and link their published work on various media and for use to promote for professional publication.

[*] Previously, we had a 3-month submission period, currently we are going to work on a 30-day period. Due to limited time and energy, we will only contact those authors back via email whose works are selected.

To submit: Email us your work along with a brief bio (for authorship notes and attribution). You will be contacted back via email within 30 days if any of your work is selected. If you do not hear back, consider your work released from the current submission period.

[*] We are open to diverse types of art, writing and media. You are welcome to contact us or submit any material whether image, written word, visual or auditory. Our previously published categories include: concrete poetics; digital art; fiction; micro- and flash- fiction; illustration; mixed media; painting; photography; plays; poetry; prose; and prose poetry.

[*] By submitting you agree to allow Why Vandalism? to archive and present your work perpetually online as well as granting an exclusive agreement to refrain from simultaneous submissions. Copyright of submitted works belongs and is maintained by their original, respective authors with permission granted for digital publication and archiving to Why Vandalism? Literary & Arts Journal.

Our current email to send submissions: