Punxsutawney Phil

Before the Trojan Horse
And Leviathan came to land,
We saw the eyes of Punxsutawney Phil,
Both hawk and hand,
His bacchant arms held wide,
shirt open in his pants

When our guberment
made Congress host the globe,
which then went underground,
and comrade Phil had not emerged
we had another month
to constitute the news event,
the Reset Blue Beam war.

In plain denatured science
when the travelin' boxcars fill
back to FEMA camp go all the disappeareds.
Parallel Hitlers are absurd,
Programmed men sworn say,
Nazis now are communists
change NASA S to Z.

Ground troop Centaurs for justice
loose the big event.
Why any of it was needed
when Alejandro-Nabucodonosor was sent
We asked Phil to figure out,
but the Sun Was Out.
And Punxsutawney Phil went down.

Weimar by AE Reiff
Image: Weimar by AE Reiff

AE Reiff
AE Reiff is a fictional persona of the Artist’s Collective at the New Ibsen Canal at Catwalk. There is no known way of contact except weekends in the bakery. Once identified persons of the same name intend no disrespect to them or others. Periodic updates at Encouragements for Such.