Lost Dog

Answers to the name 'humanity'.
Disappeared midway through
a walk towards progression.
In desperate need of nourishment,
has not really been fed for
the last century or so, I'd say.

If you see it, approach cautiously,
it is rather skittish and definitely fearful
of most things man made.
I have been hopeful that humanity
will return to its rightful home here
on this terrestrial sphere,

to unearth the bone it has
once buried, to keep itself
out of the dog house
for a good while and to possibly
fetch my Sunday papers again...
not for lack of energy on my part,

it’s just what good pets are
supposed to do,


Jeremy Szuder
Jeremy Szuder lives in a tiny apartment with his wife, two children and two cats. He works in the evenings in a very busy restaurant, standing behind a stove, a grill, fryers and heating lamps, happily listening to hours of hand selected music and conjuring ideas for new art and poetry in his head. When his working day ends and he enters his home in the wee hours, he likes to sit down with a glass of wine and record all the various words and images that bear fruit within his mind. Jeremy Szuder only sets the cage doors free when the work begins to pile up too high. In this life, Szuder makes no illusions of being a professional artist in any way, shape, or form. jeremyszuder.wordpress.com