Gila Bomb

Scot, the plumber
said Gila monsters
with no butt holes
must breed faster
because they fester
which makes their bite more mean.
He played for Detroit.

This plumbing problem
is also why they’re extinct.
Terrorists poach them to London
shut their mouths with tape
after giving an emetic,
and throw them under buses.
Because they’re endangered,
British citizens protect them
As they are blown to smithereens.


Rubino del Sur
Rubino served time in the Pentonville Prison but was a model inmate so was released to continue his career in dentistry. His offenses were less known in the States and he is now in Antarctica at McMurdo. A citizen of three nations, born Argentine, made a British citizen through the British Penal Citizenship program at the model Pentonville, he served for various offenses in youth but which resulted in his admission to the practice. He continued his education at York and Sussex U in jaw formation and hybrid and synthetic speech. After serving at Eau Claire Mayo, Denai, and Fukushima Prefecture he became a U.S. citizen by corporate contract, his third passport, and trained and disembarked to his present location where he combines all the above and he is taking courses in glacierology.