terenie_-_okolice 1+aa

terenie_-_okolice 1+aa, Cyball (insert art)


Sound collage blending shades of musique concrète, old recordings and ambient-laced electronics by R.A.Willow on the recent 2018 extended single 'Cyball - terenie okolice (area around)' for SwanOnThePond Recordings (song.swan.pw). Contributed as a new 'sound art' work (and category on Why Vandalism?). The new sound art category is primarily for audio art: ambient, electronic, acoustic, contemporary classical-electronic, poetics or music-oriented work.

Part of a series of musical recordings centered on "ambient sound art, alternative headphone space" offered by SwanOnThePond Recordings. 'terenie_-_okolice 1+aa': 256k bitrate, 5 minutes 02 seconds.