Spontaneous Combustion

Chants of spontaneous combustion are heard from the audience. The bounds of science are hardly cracked. Ord withdraws to a quiet place, south Texas deserts, Nevada, national parks in off season. Little evidence remains.

Taken as heat lightning flaming Ord divests its (outer) shell after confinement. Once organic as a crustacean, interior frictions drove it to be free. Moonlight and diet made Ord enormous and it had shed or be crushed. Desiccation was its means to take this off, except the minute Ord was free it sought to be bound.

Sublimated new shields carried on the freeways display that offensive rhetoric it now reveals, which Scyldings are done serially so at no point can the progress be complete. Sections of Ord underwent decline separate from viral cause. A live Ord decline left some untouched but affected the whole with disaster. On again off again, these shells are the best record of Ord. Lost or buried, its bone was in the dermal glyphs of Egypt.

The comparison to people at war is no reason to suppose people look like Ord.

Ord transcended nationality.
It ascended world culture.
No more caves, holes and black blood he. GlobeOrd looks like a man.

Please forego exactly what is a man. So while the mythical races of Scarecrow Oz ostrich like a flying horse and a dozen acronyms of Origin Recognition Complex, none of them prepare us for the flaming celebrants of those Ordoplasts of literature. After taking off the shields, UV rays, oxidation, further wear wore the skeleton away. Under its clothes Ord was in entropy. When one goes missing now only Ord circles understand this final rite has consumed. Disappearances from crime are explained this way. Concomitant erosions of outer being all contribute to the explosion.


AE Reiff
AE Reiff is an Advisory Member of Southwest Cave Conservation, a branch of Sagan SETI Institute and of the Esner Foundation. He has presented myths of the Anthropos in Geneva to the effect that studies of volumetric cave bone data and traditional agave spirit vacuñas, guanacos, llamas, and alpacas, salt caves and caverns help explain why all these caves are named for women. Alcoves and emplacement strategy predict and detect caves on Mars from these Mars-analogue sites. His subsurface cavities via thermal infrared remote sensing to determine cave volume from the thermal signal strength have appeared in Old Ice Eel Lore articles in El Pais and Der Spiegel.